Ozone Therapy

Dr. Clarke is a Certified Ozone Dentist by the American College of Integrative Medicine and Dentistry. Ozone has a wide spectrum to destroy harmful viruses, bacteria and fungus and it permits the body to heal faster. Medical ozone (O3) differs from atmospheric ozone in that it is pure and concentrated having been derived from pure oxygen, O2. Atmospheric ozone is produced by ultra-violet radiation combining with different nitrous oxide and sulfur dioxide produces and is harmful. Ozone/oxygen therapy is used in dentistry to arrest decay, to destroy the ’bugs’ of gum disease and to enhance the outcome of root canal treatment by decreasing post operative pain. Ozone also helps to disinfect the surfaces of teeth before bonding procedures and the sites where teeth have been removed. The disinfecting properties of ozone/oxygen treatment are a wonderful addition for use in dental procedures.