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Northwest Houston Dental Implant Options - Single, Multi & Supported Dentures

Missing teeth cause a host of detriments, such as difficulty speaking and eating comfortably. Dental implants offer a comprehensive tooth-replacement method that completely replaces the entire tooth, from roots to crown. The office of Dr. James H. Clarke offers dental implants in Northwest Houston. Schedule a consultation to determine if dental implants are right for you.

Replacing Missing Teeth across Northwest Houston

As we age, bones and teeth become more susceptible to damage and atrophy. When teeth are missing from the smile, the jaw bone goes through a process of accelerated resorption, causing degeneration and leading to a weakened dental system. While dentures and bridges replace the tops of teeth, the roots are left unaddressed and the issues of atrophy remains.Northwest Houston Dental Implant Options

Dental implants prevent accelerated resorption by acting as the natural roots of teeth, providing support for both surrounding jaw bone and prosthetic replacements. What makes dental implants special is their biocompatible titanium posts that fuses to the bone through a process called osseointegration. This allows the bone and titanium to generate united support.

What can you Expect?

The dental implant is comprised of three parts: the post, the abutment, and the crown. Our practice works with a local oral surgeon in Northwest Houston to place the titanium post directly into the jaw bone. After a short period of healing, patients come back to our office to visit Dr. Clarke for the restoration placement. An abutment connects the restoration to the new tooth root, securing the new prosthetic in place and developing a new smile.

Dental implants are versatile in their application. Treatments using dental implants include:

Single-unit crowns replace a single tooth anywhere in the smile while preserving surrounding dental structure. This makes for an excellent option when receiving an extraction or to replace congenitally missing teeth.

Multi-unit bridges replace a short row of teeth using two or more dental implants. While traditional bridges require altering teeth to be fitted for a crown, bridges supported by dental implants preserves the structure of existing teeth, gathering its support directly from the jaw bone.

Implant-supported dentures replace up to an entire arch using anywhere from four to eight dental implants strategically placed for optimal strength and stability. Patients have the option of choosing between removable and fixed implant-supported dentures to fit their lifestyle.

The materials we use in our dental implants and restorations are of the highest quality for optimal lifetime improvements. These procedures require adequate bone width, height, and density to ensure the long-term success of your treatment. We work with a local specialist to deliver preliminary procedures, such as bone grafting, ridge augmentation, and sinus lifts, to improve your dental health and give patients the best chances for eligibility.

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Our team of healthcare providers is committed to helping patients achieve a beautiful, healthy smile. Call our dental practice and schedule an appointment with Dr. Clarke to receive your dental implants in Northwest Houston today!